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As a prolific writer Vanessa Williams began writing at the early age of 15. Vanessa is an inspirational writer for schools, prisons, military ceremonies, retirements, and funerals. Originally from Ohio, Vanessa's love for basketball relocated her to the great Peach State. On arrival, Vanessa began working with Atlanta inner city youth. While mentoring and developing young men within the juvenile system, in 2001 she birthed a mentoring inspiration program for young boys at the Young Adult Guidance Center of Atlanta. By 2002 Vanessa was in full pursuit of becoming a professional athlete, when injury hit. Vanessa was then thrusted into a coaching career, where she trained and mentored collegiate and professional athletes. Vanessa Williams is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, where she obtained her B.A. in Psychology (Class of 99'). While simultaneously completing college Vanessa began pursuing business. Purchasing her 1st investment property at the early age of 20. Vanessa went on to build and own a local barber shop, flip 7 homes, and by the age of 28 she had physically built her own custom home. Vanessa has been a business consultant to several small businesses in the metro Atlanta area.  Her vast knowledge of business and sheer understanding of people with so many diverse experiences in life causes her to stand alone. Her voice of inspiration mixed with her heart of pure love makes for a phenomenal life coach. Vanessa embodies influence and drive. Vanessa has the God given ability to bring out the greatness inside of mankind. Her writings intertwined with her passion for people has given Vanessa the nickname “Wealth Writer. If you can think it, dream it, or even imagine it, she can manifest it. She will write you into your destiny, she will be used to help you finish your story. Maybe you have stopped living and your story of life is on pause, well when you come in contact with Vanessa she will take you to your destined place. Your next level in life awaits after this new chapter of your life story.

Founder: Headliner
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